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Friday, July 23, 2010

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All of these pictures are from July 11th - July 23rd (starting with the most recent ones). We are enjoying greens and herbs almost every night. We have more than we could ever imagine at the moment. Enough to feed us and our friends, without hesitation. The herbs, especially, are super productive at the moment. You can see the heart filling in nicely. Julia did some good work as well. We harvested a solid dozen, dozen and a half, garlic bulbs and shallots from the patch, not including a few here and there before this big harvest. We plan on filling the space again with rainbow beets, carrots, and onions for a fall harvest. Gone are the days that we eat lettuce for dinner. Enter an era of fresh herbs, chard, beets (oh my god beets! probably 20 or so harvested so far), and carrots (probably around 20 so far).

The rain: 16 out of 23 days this month it has official rained in Boulder, 1.56 inches (1.88 is avg for July). Last month: 2.10 inches (1.99 is avg for June). Next month: 1.63 inches is avg for August.

There is a 30% or greater chance of rain seven out of eight days left in July.

The weather: a dozen days over 90 degrees so far this month, including a 102 degree day that was in the middle of eight days in a row over 90. But, typical Colorado, five days before that streak began, we enjoyed a high of 64 degrees, and, we broke the streak while enjoying a 77 degree high.

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