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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ok, so it's June

The tomatoes are in and they are taking root. We started putting them in early May, a few a day whenever we had time. That is the beauty of having a garden in you front yard: it is right there- quick and easy power gardening sessions are possible. It doesn't seem like a daunting task as it does having a garden a mile away from where you sleep. No packing of the car of filling of water bottles necessary. Hell, in my garden, plenty a beer has been consumed.

Twenty tomatoes plants are now growing in our front in what we call 'the wave.' Check it: (from left to right) 1) isis candy, 2) black ethiopian, 3) yellow pear, 4) black cherry, 5) yellow pear, 6) ploe, 7) stupice, 8) black from tula, 9) golden sun ray, 10) black heart, 11-12 & 14) isis, 13 & 15) brandywine 16) Isis? 17) ? not sure... could be some kind of tomatillo 18) yellow pear, 19) tomatillo (grown wildly, reseeding themselves in Jesus' backyard 20)? no idea.

(Peppers: A-Tangerine Pimento, B-Golden California Wonder, C-Aji Amarillo, D-Habenero, E-Big Boy George (not it's scientific name))

A little bookkeeping in regards to the tomatoes.
- Nine were bought at the Growing Gardens Plant Sale(1,2,4,8,9,11,12,14,16)
- Eight were started by seed by me
- Two were gifts (10,19)
- One grew really fast for a few weeks thanks to a Cozy Coat (aka Wall O' Water) (13)

Big Boy George is more than a year old, huge, and came from Michael and Kristine's apartment. They gave it to us when they moved last week.

The lettuce, chard, kale are plentiful as we have enjoyed a green almost every day for the last month.

Julia planted the heart mound with herbs (basil, cilantro, lavender, parsley, mint, oregano, etc.) and they are all doing well.

We have snow and snap peas ready to pick off the plants (not many of course) and the garbanzo beans are about a foot tall.

Many of the carrots sprouted and are doing well. So are the beets. There is celery and artichoke in the ground as well. The onion/garlic patch is over grown with weeds and gigantic stocks (of garlic and onion...).

One of the surprises of the spring has been the rogue, wild garlic that has jumped three feet and gone through a concrete barrier to sprout on our side of the side yard. It came from Karen's side. Garlic scapes are everywhere and we have enjoyed perhaps 40 baby bulbs of garlic, with plenty left.

We planted eight rows of four different kind of corn in the Hawthorn garden. We have also planted a lettuce patch, cucumbers, a melon, some of the rogue garlic, and shallots. We picked four of the juiciest best tasting strawberries I have ever had a few days ago.

Now for some cool pictures, YEAH!

Notice how much the garden has grown in only ten days. The first picture was taken June 2nd, the last two pictures today. The radish came from Abbo. The rose bush does it's own thing. In the first picture, you can see green and purple basil growing in between the tomatoes. We have harvest some good leaves thus far.

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