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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tomato Description

Tomato Growers Supply Company

Descriptions from some of the tomatoes we are growing this year in our front yard.

black cherry-perfectly round cherry with classic black tomato flavor, sweet yet rich and complex. fruit picks clean from the stem and is produced in abundance on viogorous, tall plants. indeterminate, 65 days.

black from tula-dark reddish-brown beefsteak tomato has a rich, sweet flavor that is delicious. fruit is smooth in texture and weighs from 8 to 12 ozs. very productive and seems to set well even when weather turns hot. russian, indeterminate, 75-80 days.

black krim-dark brown-red tomatoes are large, 10 to 12 ozs, very richly flavored and sweet, with just a hint of saltiness. color is darker in hot weather, and fruit seems to set well even in the heat. prone to cracking, but a very heavy producer. heirloom from the Black Sea of Russia. indeterminate, 75-90 days.

cherokee purple-very productive plants bear loads of 10 to 12 oz dusky rose/purple fruit with deep brick red interiors. absolutely delicious with a pleasantly sweet and rich flavor. with thin skin and soft flesh, the fruit is somewhat perishable, but they taste so good they will be eaten quickly anyhow. heirloom from tennessee, indeterminate, 80 days

isis candy-produces yellow-gold cherry tomatoes with red marbling, which varies from just a red blush to extensive streaking. what is consistent, however, is the sweet taste that is also rich and fruity, and very delicious. 3/4 inch across, very productive, bear throughout a long season. indeterminate, 67 days.

brandywine-legendary for its very exceptional rich, succulent flavor. large pink-red fruit can become 1-1/2 lbs with creamy flesh. vines grow quite tall and have potato-leaved foliage. amish heirloom since 1885, indeterminate 80 days.

stupice-from Czechosloakia, extremely early cold-tolerant tomato that bears an abundance of 2 oz flavorful and sweet tomatoes. a garden favorite for its earliness, productivity, and truly wonderful taste, indeterminate, 52 days.

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