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Monday, January 11, 2010

The Gardens

I figures out that I have about 400 square feet of garden space. Here, at 657, I have five different sections: the lettuce patch, the strawberry patch, the wave, the shark fin, and the cold frame.

This is the lettuce patch and the strawberry patch. The lettuce patch did okay last year - we planted it in September. Even after 55 inches of periodic snow, we were able to harvest. It is still growing out there. Because it is located between the houses, it gets limited sun, and I think lettuce is the only thing we could grow here.

Here is the wave. We measured it out and, it will be a little tight, but we are going to grow a dozen tomato plants, a pepper plant or two, some basil, zinnias, nasturtiums and some borage. (Purple Cherokee, Marvel Stripe, Green Zebra, Isis Candy, Yellow Pear, Yellow Taxi, and some others)

The shark fin, nestled next to the rocks. We're trying to protect this area from all of the dogs that play in our front yard. We currently have garlic, shallots, and some mystery bulbs growing in this area.

The cold frame that I was able to build in a day with only $17. I just walked around the alley ways, looking for discarded windows and wood. I am really excited about this cold frame as it will elongate the season, allowing me to start growing outside sooner.

Below is a picture of 301A, our community garden plot, about 250 sq ft of garden space.


  1. It sounds like you'll have a lot of produce this summer. I think vegetable gardens look as pretty as flowers. Great find on your parts for the cold frame. That's something we haven't tried yet.

  2. James thank you for the visit and introducing me to your blog. You have begun your work and I'm excited to see the development of your veggie garden. Good job!