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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Yesterday (01/12/10) I planted another six pack of various seeds.

Three lettuce varieties: Hyper Red Rumple, Merlot, and Arugula

Then some chard: one lucullus and two Bright Lights Swiss Chard

Probably still a little early but I couldn't help myself. I read that you can transplant the chard when the lows average at a minimum 28-32 degrees. Based on the averages for Boulder, that won't happen until the first or second week in March. But, thats why I have a cold frame. Plus, chard is very cold resistant and if there was a colder night, they could be saved with some cover. I could even play around with some of the spare windows I collected and create something similar to that in the photo. That way, if it did snow again, which it will probably do a lot of in March, at least the crops will be safe. The windows will create a greenhouse effect as well and warm the soil slightly.

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