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Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's Cold Outside

Since it is currently 3 degrees outside and there is about 3-4 inches of fresh snow on the ground, I'll use this opportunity to be productive with some gardening housecleaning.

First, a list of seeds that we have currently: purple cherokee, chadwick cherry, green zebra, marvel stripe, brandywine, yellow pear cherry, yellow taxi, garlic, mammoth okra, rossa di milano, yellow valencia, lucullus chard, violet wave kale, elephant head amaranth, love lies bleeding amaranth, aji amarillo pepper, criolla sella pepper, bolivian rainbow, tangerine pimento, merlot, arugula, green leaf oak, forellenschluss, claremont, hyper red rumple, bright light cosmos, pink and magenta cosmos, nigella blue love in a mist, snapdragons, hollyhocks, dill, mixed greens, cilantro, (the rest are either old or there are not too many left or we haven't had luck in the past, 'others') radicchio, onion, yellow watermelon, delphinium, blue/red/yellow poppy, lemon cucumber, blue sage, lemon bergamot, blue ballat squash, butternut, hopi maxima squash, celeriac di praga, morning glory, stripped toga eggplant, sunflowers, purple dahlia zinnia, mixed zinnia, rainbow inca corn, hopi black blean, garbanzo bean, flageolet bean.

One seed that we do not have any of is rainbow chard. There are a few others on the wish list as well. We will have to obtain these seeds from either Johnny's, Seeds of Change, or Abbondanza.

We also have several different kinds of potatoes (fingerlings, purple peruvian, etc.) in the fridge that we will try to plant.

Harvesting seeds is something we will try to focus on more this year.

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  1. Very interesting web site. Love reading your progress and thoughts!