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Monday, February 22, 2010

Guerilla Gardening



I found two websites that I thought I would share. I like the concept of guerrilla gardening. At the very least, it creates a few more plants in the world. Flowers and plants are visually pleasing and are enjoyed by, not only the owner, but also to anyone passing by. Plants create an environment or habitat for animals and can even feed these animals.

At the very most, guerrilla gardening feeds people. Though Colorado is quite dry, I'm sure I could find a few plants that could thrive with little or no attention. I know I could not commit my time to going somewhere other than my front yard and plot to water plants.

However, if I could find a spot close by, I could easily visit once a week perhaps. For example, there is a trail head pretty close to my house. As you enter the trail, you pass over a farmer's ditch. All I would need is a cup if I wanted to water. I could find a little hidden corner, plant some lettuce or some plant that doesn't demand attention.

Like the article suggests, GGs are like Johnny Appleseeds of the urban landscape. I think there is a purpose in this idea as well: to grow something that is either visually pleasing or can feed somebody.

GG ties into rogue eating: the act of scavenging, either the cabinet or in the environment, to supplement a meal. Rather than go to the grocery store to get lunch, I can piece together a lunch with the food I already have. Similarly, like Brookstar knowing all the good apple trees in the neighborhood, one can find food by simply walking around. Native Americans are a great example of a group of people who were able to live off the land (they did this with very low impact to boot), eating roots, wild onions, and fruit.

Perhaps, when the weather turns warm, I will guerilla garden. Until then, I can walk around and have fun scoping out some potential spots.

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